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What is UP Agriculture?

UP Agriculture is the main Agriculture Department of Uttar Pradesh. Up agriculture 81 and krishi vibhag up Kisan Registration online. Upagriculture.com is a website launched by the Uttar Pradesh government for the benefit of farmers. From which Kisan can easily register online and check their benefits.

All information on DBT agriculture up can be found on Krishi vibhag Uttar Pradesh official website www up agriculture. Up Krishi is one of the major agricultural states of India.

UP Agriculture 81/Kisan Registration online

If you have not already registered, open upagriculture.com and go to register option and register up agriculture registration page. The Register option will be within the homepage. Keep the required documents with you during the Kisan Registration online.

UP Agriculture


The server is down too many times, so check it occasionally. Once you register, if you do not understand whether the Kisan Registration online has been successful, then register again. If the first time the register is successful, the form will not be submitted for the second time UP agriculture 81.

UP Agriculture PM Kisan & DBT Agriculture UP

PM Kisan & DBT Agriculture helps farmers grow financially. You must register on the UP DBT Portal to avail of this facility. up agriculture registration page is only available to the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. Please check their up agriculture status by Kishan at Krishi Vibhag Uttar Pradesh. After registering on the Uttar Pradesh agriculture registration page, you will have the opportunity to check the status. Also check Bihar agricalture department status.

Farmer Assistance Agriculture Department

Farmers who have not yet started cultivating paddy in the mainland, advise agricultural authorities to finish the rice planting work faster. At this time, there is a high risk of insect attacks on paddy fields.

Farmers should take special measures to control all these insects. Seeds should be prepared for the cultivation of Next Mosom vegetables. Remember that it is necessary to clean before sowing. Nourishing and healthy seedlings should be planted on the mainland.

Some steps must be taken when cultivating potatoes in winter. The soil’s nutrient capacity is high. Before planting potatoes, the soil should be well powdered with good cultivation. The thinner the soil, the better the yield of potatoes. When planting potatoes, the distance from one row to another will be 60 cm.

The distance from one tree to another should be 20 cm. It is very important to control the amount of water during irrigation, as potato plants are more likely to die for water. In potato cultivation, water is given five times to six times, if it does not rain.

Suggestions and Complaints in Agriculture Department

If you have any problems related to agriculture then you can complain by visiting upagriculture.com. Suggestions and Complaints Go to Option and say your statement. Also, if you have some suggestions for agriculture, you can tell from here.

Registration and DBT Help Line Number

Contact this number for assistance from the Uttar Pradesh agriculture department.

  • 7235090578, 7235090574 (In working day)
  • 6392175756 (Related to land conservation)

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